VILLAku ResortStay

Exclusive Tourism Zone




PangkoResortWorld [PRW] - The Exclusive Tourism zone of Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is unique in every sense of the word, and each nook and corner of Pangkor has its own attractiveness that visitors want to visit, experience or explore.

PRW is developed at a prime beach-front site, comprising all categories of quality tourist accommodations, recreation activities and other supporting facilities and activities.

With the critical mass, PRW is the exclusive tourism zone and the centre of activities.


Attractions + Activities

Owing to its choice location at Pasir Bogak Beach front, and the critical mass of PRW project, this area will become the focal point of tourism activities, including commercial activities to meet the needs of tourists. These demand driven activities will generate significant spin-offs for business opportunities for potential entrepreneurs to take advantage of.


VILLAku ResortStay Opportunities For Investment & Business Career

Sale as:
A) Cluster of Units to operatos of ResortStay
B) Single/Multiple Units for private ownership

An ideal investment in fixed asset in land scarce Pangkor Island for value appreciation and attractive rental returns.


Pangkor Island set to grow … with great happenings on the way

Pangkor Island becomes popular, as it is the genesis of history of the then Malaya in 1874, following the signing of Treaty of Pangkor. Since then, the island has undergone organic growth without any high profile promotions.

With major infrastructure improvements, and easy accessibility, especially the West Coast Expressway [WCE] due for completion by 2017, Pangkor Island will enjoy even more rapid growth in the number of visitors and tourists arrivals.


Pangkor Island Potentials and Prospects

Pangkor Island is a popular destination in Malaysia and internationally, with tourist arrivals steadily increasing every year. Growth is especially rapid in recent years.


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